Adopting the Pace of Nature

Summer is such a beautiful season. Even though it's not my favorite, there is something to be said about a cool breeze, a bright sky, and trees flaunting their natural beauty as they dance in the wind. Summer is so joyful, so sunny, so breath-taking,  often times it's hard to remember that there was once … Continue reading Adopting the Pace of Nature


Are Millennials Thinking too Big?

Changing the world is a tough goal, even if there is an entire generation on board. We young people have these crazy visions of equality and innovation, as if we truly have power to do anything; better than us have tried. So why are millennials so obsessed with making the world a better place? Why … Continue reading Are Millennials Thinking too Big?

Why so Glum, Baby Boomers?

Baby-boomers, or as the majority of young folks like me call them, mom and dad. They're traditional, hard working, mostly Republican, and obsessed with criticizing how lazy and narcissistic their children and children's friends have become. Baby-Boomers seem virtually bored with their own existence, focusing instead on how "inconvenient" the existence of "others" seem to … Continue reading Why so Glum, Baby Boomers?

Smile in My Face: Millennials and Fake Friends

"It's technology" some say, "It's social media" says others; so what exactly is stopping today's teens and young adults from forming true and lasting connections? After all, people still had friends when there was Myspace, or when eHarmony was a thing. What's so toxic about Instagram and Tinder? People are still people right? Here are … Continue reading Smile in My Face: Millennials and Fake Friends

Wonder Woman, Feminism, and Proper Fierceness

In honor of the incredible film that is Wonder Woman (played in full excellence by actress Gal Gadot), I wanted to talk about feminism and proper fierceness. Gadot portrayed the brilliant, bold, and beautiful Diana, a demigod created by Zeus, along with the rest of the Amazon women, as a dangerous force of good, and … Continue reading Wonder Woman, Feminism, and Proper Fierceness

Thank Your Lucky Stars You’re Not Special

We Millennials have been plagued with many titles, among them being the term "millennial" and  the "You are Special" generation. We are often seen as the byproducts of "Princess (or "Prince") parenting, believing that we are somehow "better, different, or superior to the norm." We are the deep thinkers of the world; introspective, curious, dreamy, … Continue reading Thank Your Lucky Stars You’re Not Special