Hope in the Haystack: What Obama Taught the Dreamers

Happy 56th to the 44th President, the irreplaceable Barack Obama! This man is so many things to so many people: Husband of one, father of two, and leader of all. He is a symbol of hope, perseverance, and dignity to all Americans, and a testament of brilliance and grace to African Americans across the nation. His family epitomizes class and honor, and gave the phrase “First family” an entirely new meaning. He means something dignified and august to nearly all Americans, but to the dreamers, he is everything.

Dreamer (n) : a person who is unpractical or idealistic. We dreamers have for so long been given the reputation (and definition) of being impractical by nature. Hope, as a concept is too vague for most, and as a mindset damn near impossible. Hope is the bird that perches on your widow and wakes you up each morning, only to fly away the moment you open your eyes to face the world. It is beautiful, it is fleeting, but Obama changes all that. Hope was not a fleeting bird, or an old song. It is alive: walking, speaking, and leading among us.  Hope was not like the perched bird, but like the solid oak. It stands tall and firm; shaking not, yielding not. Hope faces persecution with patience, and ignorance with integrity. Hope dares to learn, to try, to fail, and to fall. Hope dares to dream. Happy Birthday Mr. Barack Obama, America will continue to thank you for years to come.



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