Netflix and the World of Original Ideas

Monday- Hang in there Joan. If you plan on watching the Emmy Awards this year, or bothered to watch them at all in the past like five, you have probably noticed the wave of Netflix shows that have been sweeping the awards. From Master of None to House of Cards and Stranger Things.  Network television shows like Blackish and Jane the Virgin are doing well but only in the recent years, Netflix shows have been dominating the award shows and have quickly become the future of TV, so why is that? Here’s my thoughts:

Fresh, New Content

It baffles me that writers and directors assume that a new generation of viewers want to see old storylines play out their usual cliches. Stereotypes like the misunderstood bad boy, the ditsy cheerleader, the girl next door, and funny, black friend are out, diverse and complex characters have replaced them. No one wants to watch a show that feels like a re-run of a television series shot 20 years earlier. There was already a Friends, Cheers, One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl, no need to keep their stories alive.  Meanwhile The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Orange is the New Black, Narcos, and Luke Cage offer a perspective on life, love, action, family, and survival that have yet to be fully searched. People want to watch what they haven’t seen, time to scrap the been-there done-that plots.

Better Quality TV then TV

Not only are Netflix shows original and smart, the acting, cinematography, and overall quality of the show measures up to and often exceeds that of television ( I mean have you seen the cinematography on Gilmore Girls: A Day in the Life?!?! Gorgeous!). Hot guys and pretty girls can no longer carry a show for more than a season, and with authentic storytelling becoming the expected norm, Netflix is forcing television to up the ante when in comes to producing quality shows.


Letting the Little Guy in

Netflix will do what prime cable refused to do: give a chance to tell the right stories. comedian, actor, and executive producer Aziz Ansari said that people didn’t know he could act as well as he does in his show simple because he wasn’t given the opportunity to act in a role like that. Cable TV wasn’t ready and Netflix was. Netflix also picked up Stranger Things from relatively unknowns Ross and Matt Duffer. Netflix is ready and willing to break the mold and embrace whatever ideas sound innovating and entertaining. The fact that they do not compete with cable TV for prime time slots also comes in handy.  The world of television may not yet be ready for diversity, sexual celebration, and race related issues, but Netflix is, and always has been.


Binge It Baby

Netflix= the binge of all binges. Netflix is made for binge watching. As a matter of fact, I think the very term “binge-watching” was coined because of Netflix. Let’ s face it it’s 2017, people have stuff to handle, sitting down and watching 35 minutes of actual content and 25 minutes of commercials is almost ludacris. Flipping through each and every channel trying to see what;s worth watching while you eat your dinner is now considered borderline archaic. Binging is now the new online shopping, the new swiping right, the new starbucks app, just get what you want and move on. The future of TV is extinction, and Netflix caught on years before the rest of us.


We are in the hay day of the Golden Age of television, and it has absolutely nothing to do with television. The real jewel in this treasure chest is raw storytelling peaking higher than it ever has. We are now embracing the out of the ordinary, and giving mankind’s oldest tradition the modern upgrade in rightfully deserves. Here’s to the Golden Age.


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