The Secrets of Being Jaded


One of the deepest hurdles to jump in life is the struggle of being jaded. It’s something that people find themselves feeling all the time. However, being “world-weary” as they say isn’t merely about how one feels, but more of how one believes. Being jaded is a mindset shaped by a set of beliefs that all of life is an aging loop of the same experiences, with the one breathtaking grand finale of death (punny!). So what exactly happens when one becomes jaded? Is it a sign of maturity? Or just a word made up by lonely people wanting to feel important? Here are the secrets that makes one jaded:

Routine Lifestyle

Now, everyone has a routine day, nobody should have a routine life. One of the things that cause humans to get jaded is a life full of the expected. It doesn’t matter what job you have, how much money you make, or the parties you attend, every life style becoming routine after awhile. It’s easy to be bored living the same life over and over knowing it will produce the same consequences. Even the queen wishes she was a pauper for a day.


Same Friends

Friendships are vital in life and good friends are rare, so it may seem a bit strange that the same friends can make you feel jaded. Shouldn’t keeping the same friends be a sign of emotional maturity? Yes, maintaining close relationships in an important step in maintaining emotional maturity, but having the same type of friends can have a mind numbing over time. Imagine; the same conversations with the same people and their same “problems” in the same neighborhood…you get the point. It’s good to mix up who you spend your time with; different life experiences give you a more rounded view of the world. Don’t waste an opportunity to move from your comfort zone.


Being Beyond Your Years

I am NOT implying that being considered “wise beyond your years” means you’re suddenly too sage for the world around you, but being able to step back and see what’s important in life kinda sucks the fun out of temporary pleasures. Crazy parties, raging nights, and steamy acts of passion lose there appeal when you realize that these are simply cheap thrills that are fleeting and meaningless. Life is filled with small pockets of pleasure that will eventually weigh you down, then you realize they have no substance.



Being jaded is not a good thing. It’s depressing, cynical, and overall unhealthy. However, it is a wake up call. Feeling jaded should never go unnoticed or wasted. Life has meaning, fulfillment, purpose and passion, no secret about that.





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