Why We Must Unlearn

My friends! It’s been too long since I shared my rants with all of you faithful followers. Shall we begin? Learning is the cornerstone to a fulfilled life. You cannot say, with confidence, that you have lived a life of worth with no nuggets of wisdom to show for it. I, for example, have learned that I need to speak my mind, because there have been frustrating and painful consequences when I don’t. Now, this is a lesson many people have tried to teach me for years, from teachers to managers and coworkers; however, it was not until life seemed it fit to become the teacher that I was forced to learn what I though I knew. Which brings me to the title of this article. If learning is so important, why in the world would anyone want to unlearn? Wouldn’t that be going backwards? See, if I were to spend my entire life seeking knowledge about the human body, or mind, or how cancer spreads, or the great literary works of Shakespeare or Baldwin, to what makes rap both poetry and art at the same time, why would I seek to then unlearn these things? What of morals and ethics? What good would it be to unlearn the basic agreements of what is right and wrong, true justice, or the essences of freedom? Dare I tell you that unlearning everything is the key to learning anything? How and why you ask? Well, let’s begin…

What You Know Pans Comparison to what you Think you Know


Let’s face it, no matter how much you know the pride in us will always assume we know more. You know what happens when you assume right? Right. We tend to believe that if we spend our entire lives believing something then it must be true, we also tend to believe that the fleeting time we’ve been given on Earth has somewhere awarded the privilege of all the secrets of the universe. Both are false. The world and all of it’s cultures and languages, and formulas, and foods have been around millenniums before any of  our ancestors even got here and trust me they’ll be here millenniums after they’re gone.  So wouldn’t it be wiser to let the world teach you?

We Hate to Walk A Mile In One’s Shoes


What if I told you, that you’re experiences are vastly different from people who are not…you(omg shocker). It’s true! You have different experiences that someone who is not you will never have! In the same way the billions of people on this earth, and the .0001% of them you will meet in your lifetime have valid experiences different than you’re own. You can learn more about the world by interacting with the glorious creation of mankind that inhabit it, however you must walk in another’s shoes. The most fascinating feat of mankind is our ability to be so different yet so similar at the same time. We all think, feel, dream, love, hate, work, care, want, eat drink and sleep even if we speak different languages, work different jobs, rock different hair textures or have “different” skin. You cannot experiences all that is to be in one lifetime, lucky for you there are about 7 billion others on this planet who are qualified to do the job, and are willing to share with you the oddities and alike of what it means to walk up in the morning as, well, not you. You’re welcome.

The First Lesson Is…


Humility, the first lesson is humility. You must first learn the art of believing in your heart, ” I don’t knowthe truth, but I want to”. Humility is not the under appreciation of one’s own accomplishments and worth, but an accurate appreciation of them, and most importantly, everyone else’s. You must unlearn first or be doomed to live a life in pursuit of polluted knowledge, tainted by you. Knowledge is not necessarily a privilege, but as in ever choice you must be willing to sacrifice, to really know, you must kill comfort on the alter of truth and never truth on he alter of comfort. That my friends, is humility.


To live your life my only your standards and viewpoint is to eat only food of your culture and liking- bland and limited. All people must take the first step of learning by first taking the journey of unlearning. It’s painful, not as adventurous, and will cost you the sticky sweet substance of comfort, but what is comfort in the quest for learning? A crippling thorn.






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