A Year in the Life: 365 Days After Trump was Announced President

The election of Donald Trump began like most tragedies do: you remember exactly where you were, what you were doing, and who you were with the night America changed forever. I, for example, was catching up on some reading and eating a late dinner, breathing easy, confident that Hilary had it in the bag. The numbers were close, and the climate was hot, but in the end, I just knew that America would come to and make the right choice. Until they didn’t. But, what if they did? What if the election of Donald Trump ripped through the “post-racial”, “radical”, and “innovative” mask that America had been wearing since the 1960’s? This may be the most influential presidency in giving insight to the inside, of the real America.

Where were you when Trump was announced president?

How has your perspective of the “United States changed?”

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