Resolutions, Resolutions

Happy Holidays! With Christmas now behind us and the New Year before us, it is that time of year when people are eager to make “New Year Resolutions”. No, there’s nothing inherently wrong with trying to lose 30 pounds, or eat healthier, to set a wedding date, or have another child, but we often neglect things we should stop doing, while journeying towards things that we want to accomplish. For example, you can’t have a resolution to “be grateful” if you never stop complaining, or a plan to budget your money but you never decide to stop spending unneccessary. New Year’s resolutions have to be a goal that will take you the entire new year to accomplish. It has to be something that you don’t actually think you can do, otherwise it wouldn’t be much of an accomplishment, and it also should be a goal that reaches beyond yourself. Of course you can only control your choices and actions, but limiting your new year’s plan to just your own ambitions will leave you self-absorbed and overwhelmed the whole year. So here are some tips on making a worthwhile resolution:


Go Big or Go Home

Hello you have 365 days to work on this! Rome wasn’t built in a day, so why should you expect to completely change your habits in just four months? Anything worth doing takes time and tears, so make sure that whatever resolution you make for yourself will keep you working at it 24/7. The best resolutions start with an attitude change first, before your bank account, diet, or exercise regiment changes, and those things take time! It will be overwhelming at first, but striving towards big changes reveals that we as humans have big flaws and are in need of big help.


Build a Theme, not a strategy

It is easy to make a plan like “Eat Healthier” or “Think Positive Thoughts” , but eventually you will break those plans (you’ll have a slice of birthday cake or swear when someone cuts you off in traffic) which often leads you to give up only a couple of weeks into your resolution! So instead of building a plan that gets easily foiled, try living by a theme instead, such as “Moving forward” or “Taking time for others”, that way, not everything you do will be aligned with the theme, but your approach to situations should reflect that overall year theme. This puts the pressure off you to be perfect in every senareo and gives you a bigger picture to last you until next New Year’s Eve.


Make it a Family and Friends Affair

We are creatures of terrible habits, and terrible habits are hard to break. So, you will need to be held accountable by loved ones to make sure that you stick to whatever you seek to accomplish or start by the year’s end. Bringing family and friends into your NYR will give you support and guidance through times when keeping that promise to yourself is difficult. You can also expand your resolution to your friends and make it a group effort to help better your community, like if your family decides together to recycle more, or if you and your close friends decide to check people on racially insensitive comments. A Jamaican proverb says: Many hands make work lighter, so consider making a resolution with family and friends to help carry the load.


Your comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there-somebody on pinterest. Don’t be afraid of what the New Year brings, each day will worry about itself, and most importantly, never, ever, be afraid of yourself or underestimate the good you can bring into the world with just a big change. Onwards!




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