Safe New World

We live in a safe world. Even if you live in an unsafe neighborhood, you still live in a safe world. This is the safest the world has been in all of human history. We are producing more food than we know what to do with (there is a huge distribution problem, however), we have more access to clean water, education, and medical care than we’ve ever had, and this is perhaps the greatest time to be a woman in human history. It’s a good thing, it’s a great thing, however, we are seeing that it’s not a perfect thing. Safe is not synonymous with good, and is pretty much the antithesis of progressive. So, too much safety is a bad thing? Well, yes.

The Secret Sin of Safety

Safety is a vital ingredient in creating a world that is stable, but much like salt, too much of it can lead to death…of a civilization that is. Stability, with too much safety involved leads to stagnation, a slowing down and eventual stopping of progress, and it has already started.

We live in a society where people feel so comfortable getting a ride from a stranger using an app, that the number of teens getting their driver’s licences, has greatly decreased in the past 30 years alone. Reading is looked at as a chore instead of enjoyment among most Americans, there’s simply not a need when you can get everything you want from a smartphone, faster. On a larger scale however, safety has bigger consequences.

More adults in developed nations suffer from allergies; our obsession with cleanliness along with our exaggerated fear of germs had made our bodies overly sensitive any outside stimuli, from pollen to dog fur. Spending more time indoors can also harm your eyesight, whether or not your starting at a screen. The use of glasses in has nearly doubled in developing nations, and has reached epidemic proportions in the developed world. The cause? Not enough time outdoors! The underline cause? the excessive need to be safe at all time: covered from the elements, and away from the unpredictable. The saddest part is that as developing nations begin to Westernize (voluntarily or involuntarily) these rates rise as well.

We live in the safest, cleanest, and most advanced time in human history, and with that have unintentionally created a bubble in which nothing remotely unwanted can get in, and it is suffocating us. The truth in life is that there is chance, change, and yes, chaos. We are trying to create a world where we control the outcome, but that isn’t life at all.

A life of safety avoids all struggle and pain, but also all joy as well. It sucks to catch a cold, but guess, what? You’ll get better. Yea in person rejection sucks, but you’ll get over it, you can’t love behind a screen, or a profile picture, or a social media account. You probably won’t gets As in every single course, join the rest of us. There are insect; they exist and you have hundreds living in between your roof and near your window. Get over it. I am by no means saying any of these things to make you fearful or melancholy, but to make you (and me too!) humble. We don’t have the power to stop everything that could possibly go wrong from going wrong. Life is unpredictable, and there lies half the beauty of it.  In a world that is (still) full of unpredictable situations, and changes, we don’t need safe people-we need brave ones.


Thoughts on the article? I’d love to hear your comments! Do you think we are building a world that is too safe?


4 thoughts on “Safe New World

      1. I read your piece “Don’t be a Coward”. I loves it! I like how you showed cowardice in different forms (I.e. sloth, greed). Your article was also surprisingly encouraging. Thank you!


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